OwlSpot delivers the information that is relevant in context of the respective case to your screen.
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Your knowledge workers spend up to 38% of their work time on searching for relevant information.

No more searching.


OwlSpot is an AI-based knowledge assistant that plucks data relevant to the respective case from all across different sources (ERP, CRM, ECM, social media, data warehouses und legacy systems) — directly to your screen.


What OwlSpot can do ....

VorgangsbearbeitungOwlSpot anticipates case processing at every desktop…

Textinhalte erfassen

… captures text content in internal / external correspondence and …

Liefert aus Unternehmensdaten

… from all the intelligently indexed data…

entscheidende Kontextinformationen

… delivers critical case-relevant data to the desktop. 


How OwlSpot works …

OwlSpot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to index every chosen data source from across your organization and continually references it with the content on the screen.


OwlSpot benefits …

Support your knowledge workers with an intelligent AI assistant. Gain critical insights about customers and cases. Make the right decisions.

OwlSpot — anyone can be a whizz at work!

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